Will my kids be able to be with their friends at Fall Camp?

We do our best to accept friend requests for each cohort. Please be sure to list the request on your registration. Additionally you will want to be certain that your friends have picked the same location, days, and cohort type that you have picked for your camper.

How does pick-up and drop off work?

Following our best practices kids will be picked up and dropped off without parents leaving their vehicles. Self sign-outs are allowed for kids walking or biking home.

Will there be bathrooms available for use

Yes, the parks that we are renting have public bathrooms. We have a staff member whose sole job is cleaning and disenfecting the bathrooms and shared equipment.

Can my camper switch groups

Campers are normally not permitted to switch groups due to the strict nature of COVID 19.

Will Face Coverings being required

Face Coverings will be mandatory at our camps for grades 1st-8th. Face coverings should be worn upon the arrival to camp. Our staff has extra coverings available if needed. During physical activities face coverings will not be worn but strict social distancing will take place.

Will social distancing be required at camp?

Each group of 12 will be spread out and more then 25 feet away from other cohorts. Within each cohort we will encourage social distancing but realistically kids will not stay 6 feet apart during every moment of every program. Kids will be required to socially distance while playing games that involve movement.