Run for Fun After School Program

What is the Run for Fun pick-up policy?

Please remember to pick your child up ON TIME. We are not allowed to leave children unattended on campus. Unfortunately we must enforce a late fee, as coaches have other commitments following class.

5 minutes late: $5.00

10 minutes late: $10.00

30 minutes late: $30.00

What type of shoes is best for class?

Please make sure your child wears good shoes for running around in. We suggest sneakers are best.

Can my kinder join Run for Fun?

We do have some kinders in our program. We usually suggest that they try one class and we evaluate if they are ready to play with the older kids. It has been a good match in cases where the kinder has an older sibling in class with them.

Do the kids have a chance to eat snack?

The kids are encouraged to eat snack and drink water in the first five minutes of class. Once coaches have finished with attendance we ask that snack be put away so the kids can focus on playing.

How do I register and pay for class?

Please visit the following URL: https://www.runforfuncamps.com/register-after-school/

Please fill out the registration form and pay online and your registration will be complete.  You will receive an e-mail confirmation upon completion.

What should I do if my child is planning on missing class?

Please e-mail us if your child is planning to miss class. We understand life is busy and not every child can make it to every class.

What happens if it is raining?

Run for Fun is held rain or shine! When it rains we either play in the MP room or under the overhangs outside. Coaches make sure that the kids move their belongings to a safe dry spot at the beginning of the class period.