Run for Fun After School Program (7)

What is the Run for Fun pick-up policy?

Please remember to pick your child up ON TIME. We are not allowed to leave children unattended on campus. Unfortunately we must enforce a late fee, as coaches have other commitments following class.

5 minutes late: $5.00

10 minutes late: $10.00

30 minutes late: $30.00

What type of shoes is best for class?

Please make sure your child wears good shoes for running around in. We suggest sneakers are best.

Can my kinder join Run for Fun?

We do have some kinders in our program. We usually suggest that they try one class and we evaluate if they are ready to play with the older kids. It has been a good match in cases where the kinder has an older sibling in class with them.

Do the kids have a chance to eat snack?

The kids are encouraged to eat snack and drink water in the first five minutes of class. Once coaches have finished with attendance we ask that snack be put away so the kids can focus on playing.

How do I register and pay for class?

Please visit the following URL:

Please fill out the registration form and pay online and your registration will be complete.  You will receive an e-mail confirmation upon completion.

What should I do if my child is planning on missing class?

Please e-mail us if your child is planning to miss class. We understand life is busy and not every child can make it to every class.

What happens if it is raining?

Run for Fun is held rain or shine! When it rains we either play in the MP room or under the overhangs outside. Coaches make sure that the kids move their belongings to a safe dry spot at the beginning of the class period.

Holiday Camps (7)

Where do I drop my child off?

Please drop your child off at the entrance of the elementary school in which the holiday camp is located (varies by holiday camp).  We will meet and greet all the kids and then take them on a short hike down into the meadow, stopping at the island on the way!

Where do I pick my child up?

Please pick your child up on the field or MP room of the school that we are hosting holiday camp (varies by week).

What is Full Day cost and time versus half day?

Full day camp is from 8:30AM-2:30PM and is $65.00

Half Day camp is from 8:30AM-12PM and is $40.00

What should my child bring to holiday camp?

Please have your child wear sneakers and bring layers. It is usually cooler in the mornings and then warms up as the day goes on. Kids will want to bring a snack, plenty of water and a lunch.

What food should I pack for my child?

If your child is staying full day they will need snack, lunch and water. If your child is staying half day they will need snack and water.

When is the next Holiday Camp?

Please check our calendar and fast track news for upcoming camps!

How do I register and pay for Holiday Camp?

Please visit the following URL:

Register for Holiday camp and pick half day or full day.  Please pay online to complete your registration.  Upon submission you will receive an e-mail from us.

Adventure Camp (9)

Where is drop off for Adventure Day Camp?

Drop off Window is at Escondido Elementary or Barron Park Elementary depending on the week at 8:30-8:45AM

Address: 890 Escondido Rd, Stanford, CA 94305 for June 4th-8th, All other weeks are located at Barron Park, 800 Barron Avenue, Palo Alto, CA, Session

Please drop off ON TIME. If for any reason your child is sick or unable to come to camp please contact us either the night before or very early that morning.

Where is pick up for Adventure Day Camp?

Pick up is at Escondido Elementary or Barron Park School at 2:30PM. We will communicate with you accordingly in the case of traffic.

Is there a sibling discount?

The sibling discount is $50.00 off per sibling at Adventure Camp!

What is the staff to camper ratio?

The staff to camper ratio is 1:6.

Want to contact a Camp Director?

Call Dave at 650.823.5167. If easier you can also text Dave at this number

In case of an emergency on Thursday/Friday, what is the office number at Camp Jones Gulch?

There will be NO CELL SERVICE while we are at Camp Jones Gulch. In case of an emergency please call 650-747-1200. This is the number for the front office. The front desk will radio us and we can arrange plan to move forward from there

My child has an epi-pen, who will hold onto it?

If your child has an epi-pen the coaches will hold onto it and can give it back at the end of the day. Many Staff are both CPR and AED certified and can administer the epi-pen if need be.

What do I bring to Adventure Day Camp each day?

On Campus Days– Snack, lunch, water, sunscreen, sneakers

Capitola Beach– Weather is variable on the beach. Pack lots of warm layers as well as a bathing suit, towel, sunscreen and a hat. A change of clothes is also recommended. It is not necessary that your child wear sneakers to the beach. Sandals are great for the day and easy to wash. Please pack a snack, lunch and lots of water.

Foothills Park– Please have your child wear sneakers and bring snack, lunch, water, sunscreen and layers.

Camp Jones Gulch– Please refer to the “Additional Information” section of the Adventure Camp Page    

Great America– Sneakers, lunch, snack, sunscreen, camp t-shirt

Shoreline Lake– Bathing suit, towel, sandals, lunch, snack, sunscreen, camp t-shirt  

What is the cost of morning or extended care?

The cost of morning and extended care varies depending on your needs.
1 week morning care only is $35.00
2 weeks morning care only is $60.00
3 weeks morning care only is $85.00

1 week of morning and extended care is $100
2 weeks of morning and extended care is $185
3 weeks of morning and extended care is $200