On Campus Days– Snack, lunch, water, sunscreen, sneakers

Capitola Beach– Weather is variable on the beach. Pack lots of warm layers as well as a bathing suit, towel, sunscreen and a hat. A change of clothes is also recommended. It is not necessary that your child wear sneakers to the beach. Sandals are great for the day and easy to wash. Please pack a snack, lunch and lots of water.

Foothills Park– Please have your child wear sneakers and bring snack, lunch, water, sunscreen and layers.

Camp Jones Gulch– Please refer to the “Additional Information” section of the Adventure Camp Page    

Great America– Sneakers, lunch, snack, sunscreen, camp t-shirt

Shoreline Lake– Bathing suit, towel, sandals, lunch, snack, sunscreen, camp t-shirt  

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