Join us for a summer of fun and innovative fully outdoor play

Catch all the fun while staying SAFE with Run for Fun Camps!

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Run for Fun has spent the Fall and Winter semester leading Afterschool Programs for your youth, which has given us a strong understanding of best-, and realistic-practices that can be applied to working with our Campers during COVID-19. In Summer ’21, we will continue to follow guidelines laid out by Santa Clara County.

On-Campus Day Camp
Summer 2021 Day Camps feature Four sessions, the first three sessions being two weeks in length and the final session being one week. This is a fully “on-campus” experience that will be engaging and will surely keep your kids moving, laughing and having a great time! The weeks feature sports, games, crafts and theme days within stable groups. Camp runs from 8:30am to 2:45pm, with Morning- Care at 8:00am; Extended-Care available until 5:30pm. Ages 5-13.

Overnight Camp Pinecrest
Campers will be in stable groups of 8 within their cabins and will be paired with one additional cabin during the week to create a cohort of 16 campers. The two cabin cohorts will combine for games, crafts, adventures and more.

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