FREE Virtual Offerings

Run for Fun is proud to be offering Virtual Recess paired with Break-a-Sweat to families and youth via Zoom. After careful consideration we have decided to open all of our virtual programs up FREE of cost to ALL participants.

Run for Fun is a small for profit business. We have always looked to serve the community and offer scholarships and aid to families in need. We believe every kid should always have the chance to play. During this challenging time, we are doing everything we can to keep our full time employees on staff. However, due to COVID-19 all of our after school programs and lunch time programs have been shut down.
Every donation for any amount is super helpful and all donations will go 100% directly to helping maintain our staff at this challenging time.
We are a small for profit business, so these donations are not tax deductible.
(our new donation process does not require PayPal)

More Information about all of our offering can be found here
If you have questions please call us at 650.823.5167 or e-mail

What do parents have to say???
“They absolutely loved it and their overall mood and spirit went up 200%.”
-Veronica B

We are open to trying new programs for different age groups and varying ideas. Please feel free to reach out with suggestions.

For those not from the Bay Area or who are unfamiliar with our programs, here is a bit of info. We have just started our 11th year as an organization. We normally serve 600+ kids a week. Our Leadership Staff are all currently out of work with Elementary Schools being shut down. We believe in giving all kids the opportunity to play and laugh, especially in nature. With the State of California in “Shelter in Place” we have pivoted to offer Vitrual Programs via Zoom to give kids a place to laugh, play and get some exercise in a fun setting. Everyone is welcome to join us and we love meeting new families. Hope to see you on Zoom in upcoming days!