After School Program

In the ’23-24 school year programs are offered for grades K-6th. Run for Fun is an outdoor after school program that focuses on play through field games. Kids work on speed, agility and fitness while enjoying games such as capture the flag, chaos tag, and dodgeball. Run for Fun welcomes children of all ages and athletic abilities. We emphasize good sportsmanship and positivity. Our staff is compassionate and spirited. We value making personal connections with the kids. We welcome you to have your kid(s) experience a free trial* to see for yourself what makes Run for Fun special.

Classes take place once a week and are one hour to two hours a week in length depending on location. In the case of rain, classes will take place underneath the overhangs, or in the school’s Multi-Purpose room. The coaches have plenty of innovative and fun games that the kids really enjoy. We will catch you on the field soon!

Check out our After School FAQs to get questions answered!

Refer a Friend who has never come to Run for Fun and get $25!*

*Refund will be applied upon the new participant’s registration. If you wish to refer a friend, please pay by check.

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AddisonPalo AltoMon.2:45 - 4:00pm
fr. 2:25)
Fall9/11 - 12/18$265
Amy ImaiMountain ViewFri.2:45 - 3:45pm
(supervision fr. 2:35)
Fall9/1 - 12/22$280
Barron Park Palo AltoFri2:45-3:45pm (supervision fr. 2:20)Fall8/25 - 12/15$255
CovingtonLos AltosTues.3:00 - 4:00pm
(supervision fr. 2:30)
Fall9/5 - 12/19$300
DuveneckPalo AltoWed.1:10pm-2:40pm (supervision fr. 1:05pm)Fall9/13 - 12/20$340
El CarmeloPalo AltoFri2:55-3:55pm (supervision fr. 2:30)Fall9/8 - 12/15$235
Escondido Palo AltoMon.2:40 - 3:40pm
fr. 2:15)
Fall8/28 - 12/18$275
FairmeadowPalo AltoMon.2:45 - 3:45pm
fr. 2:25)
Fall8/28 - 12/18$250
Gardner BullisLos AltosMon.3:00 - 4:00pm
(supervision fr. 2:30)
Fall9/11 - 12/18$280
LoyolaLos AltosThurs.1:50 - 3:00pm
(supervision fr. 1:20)
Fall9/7 - 12/21$345
NixonPalo AltoThurs.2:35 - 3:45pm
fr. 2:05)
Fall9/7 - 12/21$330
Oak AvenueLos AltosMon. 3:00-4:00pm
(supervision fr. 2:30)
Fall9/11 - 12/18$280
OhlonePalo AltoThurs.2:45 - 4:00pm
fr. 2:20)
Fall8/24 - 12/21$375
Palo VerdePalo AltoWed.1:25 - 3:00pm
Fall8/30 - 12/20$385
Santa RitaLos AltosWed.3:00 - 4:00pm
fr. 2:30)
Fall8/30 - 12/20$320
SpringerMountain ViewThurs.1:45 -3:00pm
(supervision fr. 1:15)
Fall9/14 - 12/21$325
Stevenson Mountain ViewFri2:55 - 4:00pm
(supervision fr. 2:45)
Walter HaysPalo AltoTues.3:00 - 4:00pm
(supervision fr. 2:35)
Fall8/29 - 12/19$320

***Denotes first class is a free trial.  Please register and click free trial to come check out Run for Fun.

Run For Fun Pick Up Policy

Coaches have busy lives and need to leave classes upon dismissal. Please show up 5 minutes before the stated end time so that pick-up goes smoothly. We appreciate your understanding! Below are the late pick-up charges:

  • 5 minutes late: $5.00
  • 10 minutes late: $10.00
  • 30 minutes late: $30.00

Refund Policy

Participants are charged for the amount of classes attended + a $20.00 refund fee.