Leadership Programs

Both CIT’s and LIT’s are important and meaningful members of our camp community. This is a great opportunity to learn valuable leadership skills and teamwork and also have a great summer!

Counselor’s in Training (CITs) – Entering 9th grade in Fall 2023

CIT’s will have the leadership opportunity to participate in both Adventure Day Camp/Run for Fun Day Camp and Overnight Camp. At Run for Fun Overnight Camp, CIT’s have assigned Administrative Staff who help guide them through daily activities. They participate in team-building activities, work one dish-room shift per day in the dining hall and brainstorm & lead activities for campers. At the same time, CIT’s get a major leadership opportunity helping manage the camp store during rest-period. Additionally, CIT’s will get many opportunities to participate and play at Overnight Camp. We encourage CIT’s to try one week of overnight camp along with two weeks of Day Camp. Of course, they are welcome to add more weeks of camp if they are interested, dependent on space.

Day Camp runs from June 5 through June 30
(free of charge upon acceptance)

Overnight Camp runs three sessions,

Session 0 (Tahoe), Sunday June 11 to Fri, June 16th
Session 1 (Pinecrest) : Sat., July 1st to Fri., July 7th
Session 2 (Pinecrest): Sat., July 8th to Fri., July 14th

($800/session upon acceptance; transport not included)

Leader’s in Trainings (LITs) – Entering 8th grade in Fall 2023

We encourage LIT’s to attend 2-to-3 weeks of Adventure Day Camp or On-Campus Day Camp (June 5th-9th, June 12th-16th, June 19th-23rd, June 26th-June 30th). Similarly, they receive mentorship at Day Camp for the first 60-90min of each on campus day by a mentorship counselor. Following the morning, LIT’s will assist in leading games and activities. They are not eligible for Overnight Camp, but may attend as campers. There is no cost associated with the LIT program.

All new CIT’s / LIT’s are required to conduct an in-person interview if their application is accepted.

“When I met Dave for the first time in person I knew that the week ahead of me would be awesome! His whole staff is fantastic and have a great vibe. The week was everything I hoped it would be and more. Every once in a while you meet extraordinary people, doing extraordinary things for other people, and this group of people running this camp are extraordinary. I highly recommend that you send your kids of any age to Run for Fun Overnight Camp.”
-Kate M., 15, Texas