Holiday Camps

No School, No Problem.

Upcoming Dates
All Programming Days are Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays only.
All days begin at 9:00am and end at 3:00pm.

Option 1: Dec. 21-23; Dec. 28-30; Jan. 4-6 ($65 per day, $585 total for 9 days)

Option 2: Jan. 4-6 ($75 per day, $225 total for 3 days)

Option 3: Pick the two weeks of your choice. This is not an official option at check-out. Please use coupon code 2WEEKHC at checkout. Then please send us an email letting us know which two weeks your camper will attend.

We are offering 3 straight weeks of Day-long (M/T/W) Programs at Peers Park in Palo Alto! What this means is you can sign up for our Program and not skip a beat with other Programs when school starts back up in January, per the County mandate of 3-straight week program involvement.

*Because of the nature of Program Eligibility during Covid-19, we are offering two options for Folks to choose from. You may either choose the 3-week option, or the 1-week (last week Jan. 4) option. In order to choose the “1-week” option, you may not have participated in other Programs the two weeks prior to our Camp starting.*

Upon registration, your child(ren) will be placed in a Stable Cohort for the duration of the program. Each Cohort stays separate, and ALL activities are modified to ensure 6-feet of distance. Each child receives a “pool noodle” to be used as their “Distance Checker” during games that require tagging. Equipment is cleaned regularly, and hand sanitizer is given almost constantly, after each activity, before water breaks, after bathroom breaks, etc.

We are still able to do A LOT! Days will include Sports, Dodgeball games, Gaga Ball, Capture the Flag and many of the recognizable Run for Fun classic games! These Camps will also feature optional Craft time for group members who may not like a certain game, and small-circle games and/or board games. The crafts that will be featured in the total 3 weeks of Program include Slime, Tie-Dye, Whip Painting & more!

Key Information for these Holiday Camps:
– Drop-off is at 9:00am, and Pickup is at 3:00pm
– BE SURE TO PACK A LUNCH and a SNACK for the day!
– If rain comes, and it is unbearable, please note that we will have to cancel the day and will refund you. We do not have overhangs for cover at Peers Park.
– If Shelter-in-Place is instituted, we will issue full refunds for all days cancelled as a result.

Holiday Camp Details

  • (Full day is 9:00am – 3:00pm)

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